First Guard Safety Coatings Announces Revolutionary 5 Minute Quick-Dry Anti-Slip Coating

FORT WORTH, Texas - Nov. 1, 2018 - First Guard Safety Coatings, (, America's Slip and Fall Prevention Team, today announced its rollout of its newest floor coating to prevent slip and fall accidents – Instasafe     a 5 minute ultra quick dry coating service designed specifically for highly trafficked restaurant and other commercial locations that cannot afford downtime...READ MORE

November 1, 2018


First Guard Coatings Announces Territory Expansion For Slip and Fall Prevention Services

Fort Worth, Texas - March 15, 2018 – First Guard Coatings, (, Americas Slip and Fall Prevention Team, today announced its growth into multiple new territories, representing a significant footprint expansion for the Company. First Guard’s super grip non slip eco-friendly floor coating has been embraced by the restaurant industry and the industrial community as a highly effective way to reduce slip and fall accidents due to wet surfaces...READ MORE

March 15, 2018